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The glow plug starter switches and ignition switches families that are currently on the market were developed by renowned suppliers decades ago. These designs no longer meet modern criteria in terms of reliability, durability, and quality.

This is especially the case when switching low loads in vehicles that are equipped with a bus system. This is the reason why brehmermechatronics has analysed the market and has developed a family of products that is also future proof as a core product in immobilisers or operating data recording systems. A complete family of products has been systematically developed here (all rights held by Thomas Brehmer), before being approved by KBA or Thatcham, etc. The system that was developed by brehmermechatronics is widespread in Europe (see immobilisers). The market leaders in the branch such as JCB, Liebherr, Terex, Wacker Neuson, etc. rely on this system in their original equipment.

The following are especially the weak points of the ignition switch families that are available in the market:

  1. an inadequate IP protection
  2. the electrical contact
  3. substandard materials
  4. uncertain production processes  

The benefits of the brehmermechatronics improvements (all rights held by Thomas Brehmer) compensate for all of the aforementioned weak points.

  1. All live components are made of high-quality wrought copper alloy and possibly alloyed silver materials.
  2. Contacts are fully automatically welded so that they are process safe.
  3. The penetration of moisture and dust into the contact area is permanently prevented by secure O-ring seals.
  4. The connecting side can also be cast upon request. The penetration of moisture and dust into the contact area is permanently prevented.
  5. The locking cylinder side can be provided with a special foam protection _ IP66.


EACH YEAR, MORE THAN 600,000 switches are produced conform with these guidelines –  for very satisfied customers!