• Reverse engineering of complete modules and devices (mechanics and electronics)
  • Component measurement by optical 3D measurement with a 3D digitizer
  • Computed tomography (porosity or damage analysis, assembly-, defect-, material-analysis, verification of the CAD model
  • Creation of prototypes from mechanically produced individual parts to state-of-the-art 5D printing
  • Qualifications according to customer requirements in our in-house, independent, accredited environmental simulations laboratory
  • Complete documentation according to customer requirements, VDA 6.3 or PPAP

Classic – expertise and experience in a young business sector

More and more collectors and enthusiasts are enthralled by "Classic Cars", which are vehicles older than 25 years of age. Manufacturers are also reacting to this interest by founding classic divisions. These series have long been out of production however, which often proves problematic for obtaining replacement parts. They are often no longer available, tools and patterns are missing, yet the demand from customers is increasing.

This is where brehmerclassics comes into play. Due to decades of experience of the specialized team of developers and designers and an international network of highly specialized suppliers, the required parts can be developed by means of "reverse engineering". This is a very complex, structured process. Latest development methods such as simulation, 3-D scan, 3 -D Druck ensure that the "OEM" quality can be guaranteed for the developed components. The in-house, accredited environmental simulation laboratory also serves to prove this quality. In 2019 we expanded our capacities and invested in additional workshop and storage rooms. Since 2020 we now also offer the possibility of 5D printed components.

Specially conceived for our customers’ needs, our experienced employees break down your inquiries. With our broad base of experience from the engineering sector and our international supplier network, we can support you optimally:

From button to electronic control unit. From hazard light switch to body moulding. From ABS sensor to hazard light switch to decorative striping: we are your trusted partner.

  • Synthetic - synthetic parts surface work (painted and chrome plated).
  • Metal parts, swivels, milled parts, strand cast parts, cast parts, stamped parts, bent components
    (with refined surfaces upon request)
  • Electromechanics
  • Electronics
  • Drives/Motors