Operating and Display Elements

As a development partner with years of experience in the automotive and commercial vehicle branch, we have been able to gather expertise from various sectors over the years.

From uniform illumination in the automotive sector and EMC-compatible transmission development to pioneering battery management - to name just a few - we are always able to develop the best solutions for our customers on both economic and technical grounds. Below is an overview of a few products we’ve selected to highlight.

Operating and Display Elements

Wireless Control Unit

The control system (consisting of the remote control, charger, and control unit) for controlling dump trucks was developed and qualified by brehmermechatronics in cooperation with the customer.

During development, brehmermechatronics was responsible for designing the product and the plastic housing, developing the electronics, and performing the final qualification. The latest technologies were used for development, for example Bluetooth to create a reliable wireless connection and a lithium-ion-battery for a long service life. The integrated LCD color display shows the various states of the vehicle and guides the user through the corresponding menu. Communication with the vehicle is performed over a CAN interface or via Bluetooth. The control system is operated using a membrane keyboard developed by brehmermechatronics that also includes a thumb joystick. The entire development process was performed according to the functional safety guidelines in cooperation with the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in Sankt Augustin, Germany. The system as a whole was categorized as PLd according to EN ISO 13849.

After development, the product was qualified in our accredited in-house environmental simulation laboratory. We were recently able to obtain E1 approval for the customer.


The control unit used to control construction machinery was by developed and qualified brehmermechatronics according to customer specifications. During the development of the product, brehmermechatronics was responsible for developing the electronics to meet the functional safety requirements of EN ISO 13849 PLe and for developing the mechanics and membrane keyboard. Communication with the vehicle is realized and implemented via a CAN interface and via two redundant I/O units. Using the patented membrane keyboard from brehmermechatronics with redundant switching contacts, it is also possible to execute safety-critical functions using the membrane keyboard.

Display Element

Because there was no comparable solution on the market, we were commissioned to develop the "Ladetaster" display element, which we developed, verified, and industrialised. The module contains two backlit sensors that use an indicator LED to display the battery charge condition, as well as a robust housing that withstands outdoor weather.

What resulted is a highly IP-protected unit that is able to securely transport the tiniest current (signal) and switch. It is a pivotal, protected brehmermechatronics technology. Developed as an economical solution for our client, the developed technology can be applied to further, more sophisticated modules.

Led Module

Per customer request we developed an LED module especially for electric vehicles that displays the current charge status and condition for the user. The highlight here is the placement on the exterior of the vehicle near the charging plug, which necessitates high demands for durability, long life, and absolute waterproofing. In order to realise a suitable solution, not only was electronic development needed, but also corresponding expertise in materials and production techniques. Our in-house environmental simulator was used to apply a diverse range of extreme tests for all of the materials and products along the course of development.


The control unit for the control of municipal vehicles was developed and qualified by brehmermechatronics according to customer specifications. 

brehmermechatronics was also responsible for the selection of the hand-held enclosure according to customer specifications. As the control unit is only manufactured in comparatively small numbers, the Wiehler design engineers were looking for a standard enclosure that met the requirements of the MEILLER specifications and that could be adapted with little cost. One of our standard enclosures was redesigned for the use and application of display and connectors and can be used for this customer-specific application without additional tooling costs.

The integrated LCD color display shows the different states of the vehicle and guides the user through the corresponding menu. Communication with the vehicle is implemented via two J1939 CAN interfaces, and the membrane keypad with redundant switch contacts patented by brehmermechatronics also enables safety-critical functions to be executed via the membrane keypad.

After development, the control unit was qualified by the in-house and accredited environmental simulation laboratory. And last but not least, we were able to obtain an E1 approval for the customer.


The display and control unit for controlling construction machinery and cranes was designed, conceptualized, developed, and qualified by brehmermechatronics.

One of our standard aluminum enclosures was adapted during the development of the display and control unit. This aluminum housing was then modified to accommodate a monochrome display, plug connector, and pressure equalization element. The display and control unit communicates via CAN bus. The membrane keypad as input interface as well as the interface itself can be freely designed according to customer specifications.

After development, the product was tested in our in-house and accredited environmental simulation laboratory under the harshest environmental conditions and qualified the unit according to our specifications and requirements.

Capacitive Switch

The construction of the capacitive switches patented by brehmermechatronics guarantees the user a robust and durable product for indoor and outdoor use. The electronics of our hand-held push buttons could be reduced to a single printed circuit board and perfectly compensate for environmental influences such as temperature changes, condensation, and the effect of raindrops. Operation with work gloves is also easily possible, so our switches can be used as a door opener, as well as start and stop buttons for industrial machinery.

All capacitive switch variants are completely encapsulated and thus easily pass IP tests as per IP68. Here, brehmermechatronics relies on sustainability. In our environmentally friendly casting process, we use only renewable raw materials without loss of tightness. Highly technical plastics on the actuation side give our switches a high degree of vandalism protection.

Switching through other media such as glass, additional plastic panels, or even wood is possible. - Ask for our special variants.