Customer-specific control device

For years brehmermechatronics has dealt with challenges surrounding the battery. As a result, we have utility patents for electromechanical battery disconnect switches, an patent for battery management systems, and exclusive patent used for generator synchronisation.

The battery monitoring module we developed shows the current battery charge condition on the driver’s display. A highly-integrated e-management system was developed back in 2007.

Customer-specific control device

Battery Master Switch 

The electronic battery master switch (EBMS for short) is a highly sophisticated product that combines a control unit with multiple sensors into one device. The control unit we developed controls bistable vehicle relays, which connects and disconnects the batteries from vehicle power.

It also monitors the jump start plug against polarity reversal and prevents turning on in the event of an error. It also monitors the battery’s state of charge (SOC). The integrated micromechanical clinometer recognises the vehicle position.

The EBMS feeds the intrinsically safe circuit for the emergency stop control, which is attached in and around the vehicle and is also used in explosion-risk situations (e.g., dangerous freight transport).


  • Load Share Module (LSM)
  • Reduces charge and discharge cycles significantly - this increases the life of the battery
  • Reduces wear
  • A higher total current can be achieved
  • Lower maintenance costs

Almost every function that can be integrated into an ISO relay enclosure can be realized for our customers! Of course, we can also integrate control units in other enclosures such as surge protection, for example.

We have a great deal of know-how when it comes to products for extremely difficult or harsh environments, whether in the field of electromechanics, electronics, or mechatronics. In addition, we have many years of experience in all challenges in the fields of energy distribution / measurement / control / regulation and separation. This is confirmed by our excellent references, patents, and utility models.

All this can be done by our team of mechatronics technicians, as they have extensive experience in the fields described above. And where we do not have the experience yet, we look forward to collecting it together with our customers.


Conventional power management systems consist of separate fuse, relay and electronics boxes, as well as a large number of connectors and cables. The increasingly complex architecture with countless components makes failures increasingly likely. In addition, such a design requires much cabling, a lot of packaging material, and a large amount of part numbers and suppliers, all adding to the final production cost. Ultimately, of course, this leads to high unit prices.

With our modular power management system, fuses, electronics, and relays have been integrated into one box to counteract the trend described above. Various printed circuit boards are responsible for the power supply and distribution. The fully automatically equipped electronics are processed with a thermal grease, which ensures a uniform and efficient heat dissipation. Power Mosfets provide a PWM soft start of the headlights and thus extend their service life. Dehumidified is carried out with a Gore-Tex membrane and in total there are only three plug connections.

The new design is much less prone to failure and requires less packaging material. The product requires only medium development and lower system costs. As early as 2007, brehmermechatronics was the first in the world to be able to bring such a robust system into series production for one of the world's market leaders in material handling. The rugged construction allows the manufacturer to use a trouble-free, reliable, and cost-effective solution in terms of system cost. Software updates always keep the system up to date. 

CAN bus interface for controlling, measuring, regulating:

  • Rotating beacon
  • Work light
  • Headlight
  • Reversing lights
  • Pilot lights
  • Checking the flashing indicator light
  • PWM soft start possible for each light fixture
  • Rear window defroster
  • Seat heater
  • Taillight
  • Parking lights
  • Switch-over valve
  • Brake light
  • Horn
  • Controlling different fans
  • Controlling main relay motor
  • Controlling starter relay