The brehmergroup in the new brochure of Neuson Forest GmbH

The brehmergroup is represented with its own page in the new Neuson Forest GmbH brochure (please see page 11).

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The brehmergroup in the new brochure of Neuson Forest GmbH


FHDW präsentiert sich in Gronau

Von Christoph Konkulewski 

Bergisch Gladbach. Studieren und gleichzeitig arbeiten: Einduales Studium ist auch in Gladbach möglich. Bei der Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft, kurz FHDW in Gronau. „Wir binden damit Fachkräfte in der Region“ da ist sich Alexander Brändle vom Präsidium der Hochschule sicher. Besonders stolz blickt er auf die Erfolgsquote: „85 Prozent der Studierenden beenden ihr Studium und davon finden 95 Prozent sofort eine Anstellung.“ 

Am Wochenende startete um 10 Uhr der „Campusday“. Interessierte konnten in die Räume schauen, sowie Vorträge und Stände der Firmen besuchen, die mit der FHDWkooperieren. Kontakte knüpfen, die eigene Zukunft planen und vielleicht auch noch kurzfristig einen Studienplatz klarmachen, alles möglich. „Bei uns wird man in kleinen Lerngruppen betreut und man kann sogar auf dem Campus wohnen“ erklärt Diana Kobin, vom Studierenden Sekretariat. Brändle ergänzt „Bei etwa 25 Studierenden in den Vorlesungen und Seminaren merke ich, wenn jemand nicht zurechtkommt und kann gezielt Hilfen anbieten.“ Ben Baldauf studiert Informatik und arbeitet bei der Brehmergroup in Gummersbach. „Wir entwickeln und produzieren Bedienungselemente für Nutzfahrzeuge und Motorräder“, erklärt er. Direkt im Studium könne er Berufserfahrungen sammeln und mehr Verantwortung in der Firma übernehmen. Unten hat NTT Data ihren großen Stand aufgebaut. Ein weltweit arbeitendes Unternehmen für Softwareberatung und Entwicklung. In zwei Wochen hat Michelle Hoffmann ihr Kolloquium und beendet damit das Bachelorstudium. Brändle zum Aufbau des Studiums: „Zunächst erreicht man den Bachelor, neben dem Master kann man bei uns auch den „Master of Buissines Administration“ (MBA) erreichen und wir haben durch die Kooperation mit der Universität Edinburgh die Möglichkeit zehn Plätze für eine Promotion anzubieten. Die Plätze sind übrigens alle besetzt.

Foto: Unternehmen wie die Bremergroup arbeiten mit der FHDW in Bergisch Gladbach zusammen. (Foto: Arlinghaus)

Erschienen im Kölner Stadtanzeiger am 19.09.2023, © Dumont Mediengruppe


New production facility in Elsenroth

Brehmergroup has set up at the old brickworks - inauguration with high-ranking guests

By Michael Kupper

Elsenroth. Brehmergroup recently opened its new "Mechatronic Manufacturing Center Oberberg" on the Alte Ziegelei industrial estate in Elsenroth. Around 150 guests were invited to Nümbrecht, including high-ranking managers from the ranks of major customers such as BMW, KTM, MAN, Rheinmetall, Triumph and VW.

"The expansion needs of our companies are so high that we can hardly keep up." Hilko Redenius, Mayor

The group comprises the Mechatronics, Classics and Innovations divisions. Behind them are the development, design and production of mechatronic and electronic vehicle components as well as the reverse engineering of historical components. Research cooperation with several universities, including the Gummersbach campus of the TH Köln or the Dutch university in Arnhem Nijmegen, complement the development.

Eight students from the University of Applied Sciences, accompanied by Professor Peter Istha and Professor Martina Warnar, came from the neighbouring country and presented the development stages of a new type of remote control for vehicle tippers, which can be operated with gloves on the basis of a smartphone combined with a small joystick.

In his speech, Thomas Bremer, who founded the company with currently just under 80 employees together with his wife Anke 20 years ago, emphasised a significant aspect of the company philosophy: "We make all decisions together as a team." His plan, he says, is to continue creating sustainable jobs. Since the opening of the Mechatronic Manufacturing Centre Oberberg in Wiehl - Oberwiehl almost exactly one year ago, nine new employees have been hired.

"The need for our companies to expand is so great that we can hardly keep up," said Hilko Redenius, Mayor of Nümbrecht. After the Gaderoth industrial estate in the 1990s, Elsenroth I and Elsenroth II with six to eight hectares each were built this millennium, and Elsenroth III with ten hectares is currently under construction. Redenius emphasised that it is mainly regional companies that are settling there. He stressed the will to support by the municipality and turned to Brehmer: "If they want to open a company on the moon, we'll create the infrastructure for it."

Michael Sallman, head of the Oberberg branch of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, congratulated the company on its anniversary and explained that the prerequisites for a company's success are its adaptability and curiosity about the future: "Innovative ability is what makes small and medium-sized businesses." He welcomed the high number of ten apprentices and eight employees with training aptitude in the company. 

In addition, Moritz Schmidt, Technical Director of the company, gave a presentation on the challenges of mechatronic components in a harsh environment, which also have to be miniaturised more and more. In addition, the guests were able to gain an insight into how the developed components are tested in the accredited environmental simulation laboratory. Not only do they have to withstand exposure to dust or water, but they are also subjected to temperatures ranging from minus 40 to 160 degrees Celsius in a climate chamber with varying humidity conditions, and are also shaken vigorously by a vibration system.


Facts and figures

The new hall has 1200 m² of office space, 795 m² of storage space, 600 m² for production and a 325 m² laboratory.

The company was founded in Fischbach in 2003 by Anke and Thomas Bremer. Turnover in 2022 was around 16 million euros, almost a quarter of which was in the "Classics" segment. The company serves a good 280 customers in more than 30 countries. The goal for 2025 is to almost double the turnover to 28 million euros. Of the 76 employees, one third work in development, and a good 20 take care of patents and utility models. (kup)

Thomas Brehmer (l.) also welcomed Dutch students to the inauguration of the new location. Photo: Kupper

New production facility in Elsenroth

General meeting of Kunststoff Initiative Oberberg e.V. (KIO) bids farewell to four board members

On 09.03.2023, the general meeting of the KUNSTSTOFF INITIATIVE OBERBERG KIO e.V., an association of almost 50 regional companies in the plastics value chain, took place. The impressive new hall of the association member Brehmer GmbH & Co. KG in Nümbrecht-Elsenroth, which was inspected together after the official part of the meeting. Dennis Blättermann presented the entire brehmergroup, its products and innovations.

After the Corona restrictions were lifted, several events could be held during the reporting period. These were organised by the four association departments: "Marketing and Events", "Training and Personnel", "Technology" and "Recyclable Plastics". Most recently, a KIO late shift on the topics of film blow extrusion, subsidies, research projects and environmental management took place in February, which, like the general meeting, was very well attended.

A highlight, which was reported on in retrospect, was certainly the eight-day world's leading trade fair K in Düsseldorf in October 2022, at which KIO was represented with its own stand and three permanent exhibitors from the ranks of the member companies. In the area of training, the association's own Instagram channel was further expanded with "KIO your future" as well as the website of the same name. So far, more than 20 films have been made there by trainees in the companies to give young people a first-hand understanding of the job profiles. Three videos have also been produced to show how selected areas of everyday life would look without plastics and to illustrate that plastic is often the most suitable material when it comes to saving energy and protecting the climate.

During the general meeting, two new members, EMP-B GmbH and Fresenberger GmbH, were welcomed. The two managing directors, Hans Tobias Blomberg (EMP-B GmbH) and Jens Blumberg (Fresenberger GmbH), who introduced themselves and their companies, were warmly welcomed. In addition to many positive prospects for the future, the initiative also had to convey sad news: The previous chairman Jens Mürmann as well as the previous board members Uwe Cujai (managing director from 2014-2019, assessor from 2019-2023), Janine Röttger and Hans-Peter Boyke (founding member and 14 years on the board) did not run again at their own request.

The Executive Director of the initiative, Tobias Wieber, was visibly moved when he said goodbye to the previous board members on behalf of the entire association and thanked them for their many years of constructive cooperation with presents and photo books as mementos.

Ms Stefanie Schmeling, Managing Director of SL3D GmbH, moves up to the newly elected Board. Frank Barlog, BARLOG Plastics GmbH, was elected as the new chairman, who briefly outlined his plans for the future.

The previous Managing Director, Tobias Wieber (Wirtschaftsförderung Oberbergischer Kreis), was elected for another four years.

The currently elected board consists of:

Chairman Frank Barlog, BARLOG Plastics GmbH

1st Vice Chairman Prof. Dr. Simone Lake, TH Köln Campus Gummersbach

2nd Vice Chairman Carsten Pies, GC-heat Gebhard GmbH & Co. KG

1st Vice-Chair Rüdiger Dzuban, ONI Wärmetrafo GmbH

2nd Vice-Chair Rainer Friedhelm König, Pflitsch GmbH & Co. KG

3nd Vice-Chair Stefanie Schmeling, SL3D GmbH

Managing Director Tobias Wieber, Wirtschaftsförderung Oberbergischer Kreis

(Press text: KIO Oberberg, Photo: Sven Kubeile)

General meeting of Kunststoff Initiative Oberberg e.V. (KIO) bids farewell to four board members

The Rundschau online reports on the brehmergroup


"Mechatronics manufacturer Wiehl-based Brehmer creates 30 new jobs.
When Thomas Brehmer, an entrepreneur from Wiehl, talks about his company, he sometimes uses the word "kleiner Krauter". But he deliberately stacks the deck low, because when the customers of the developer and manufacturer of sophisticated mechatronics come into the conversation, including Rheinmetall or the renowned motorbike manufacturers BMW, Ducati, KTM or Triumph, it becomes clear that the Brehmer Group plays in the Champions League." (Text and photo: Andreas Arnold) ...

You can read the whole article here.

The Rundschau online reports on the brehmergroup

Oberberg-Aktuell reports on our move

In a few days, we will be moving into the entire 2nd floor of the new building opposite. Co-partner Moritz Schmidt and IT manager Alexander Schröder spoke to Oberberg-aktuell about this.

Excerpt: "The offices will house the development centre and the administration. The move is scheduled to take place in mid-March. The rooms opposite will be given up, and production, the laboratory and the warehouse will be moved to the new location in Nümbrecht-Elsenroth. Construction there will be completed in the second half of the year. However, with the relocation of the offices to Oberwiehler Straße, the headquarters of the specialist for mechatronics development will remain in Wiehl. The company is growing: in 2012, there were twelve employees, and now there are more than 70, says Schmidt. (Photo: Oberberg aktuell)

On the other floors there is a medical care centre (basement), a familiy doctor (ground floor), a fabric shop (ground floor), a senior citizens' flat (1st floor) and three spacious flats (3rd floor). 

Oberberg-Aktuell reports on our move

uFrame user report in the current issue of ke Next

In the current issue of ke NEXT - the future magazine for mechanical engineering, a user report on our uFrame was published. You can read this report in this Pdf (only available in German).

Press releases on uFrame

Various magazines have reported on the uFrame recently. The uFrame was developed by us in cooperation with the Faculty of Systems, Energy and Machine Systems of the TH Cologne.

"Controlling machines safely with the smartphone" 
published on "Elektrotechnik Automatisierung" (only available in German)

 "Smart case pimps consumer tablets",
published on "Hannovermesse" (download english PDF)

 "Secure Remote Control via Smart Devices",
published on "computer-automation" (download english PDF)

"Funktional sichere Fernbedienungen zur Steuerung von Maschinen und Anlagen", 
published on "Presseportal" (download english PDF)


Press releases on uFrame

New press article in

An article about brehmermechatronics has just been published in the journal "PS - Das Magazin für sportliche Motorradfahrer" (issue 06/2019). It deals with the test of the touchless spring travel sensor on a BMW S 1000 RR. To enlarge, please click on the thumbnail. The article is okny available in German.

September 2018: Two press articles about the TECH-DAY 2018

The press has also reported on our TECH-DAY. Please click on this link to read these two articles by the "Kölnische Rundschau" and the "Anzeigenecho". (only available in German)

September 2018: Two press articles about the TECH-DAY 2018

December 2017: brehmermechatronics supports the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM)

Please klick here to read the full article (only available in German) "Trocken und sicher - Dank brehmermechatronics"

December 2017: brehmermechatronics supports the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM)

October 2017: New press article about 2nd TECH-DAY

The article can be found here: Press article "TECH-DAY" . (only available in German)

October 2017: New press article about 2nd TECH-DAY

März 2017: Hoher Besuch bei brehmermechatronics in Wiehl:

(only available in German) MdB Thomas Rachel, parlamentarischer Staatssekretär im Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung und MdL Bodo Löttgen, Generalsekretär der CDU NRW überzeugten sich persönlich von der Innovationskraft der Wiehler Mechatronikerinnen und Mechatroniker. Die Firma brehmermechatronics gehört in dem Forschungsprojekt „Sens A Chair“ zu einem Konsortium aus Experten, mit dem Ziel einen Stuhl zu entwickeln, um präventiv Haltungsschäden zu vermeiden. Haltungsschäden sind eine der gravierendsten Krankheitsbilder unserer heutigen Gesellschaft - die hauptsächlich durch Bewegungsmangel und einseitige Beanspruchung hervorgerufen wird.

Der vorgestellte erste Prototyp aus dem Forschungsprojekt ist bereits in der Lage, die Sitzhaltung einer Person zu erkennen und durch das Ausüben eines gezielten, punktuellen Druckes, eine Haltungsänderung zu erwirken.

Das überregionale Forschungsprojekt startete im Jahr 2016 mit einem Konsortium von Fachleuten für verschiedene Disziplin. Der Expertenkreis besteht, neben der Firma brehmermechatronics, aus der Technischen Hochschule Köln, der Sporthochschule Köln, der Universität Wuppertal, der Firma „Generation design“ und dem führenden Sitzhersteller aus Bayern der Firma Haider.

Um die Aufgabe technisch optimal und sinnvoll lösen zu können, benötigen wir tiefgreifende Informationen zu der richtigen Sitzhaltung für unsere Zeit. Viele Studien sind veraltet und stammen aus einer Zeit ohne PC-Arbeitsplätze. Hier ist es wichtig, sich im Forschungskreis eng mit den Fachleuten abzustimmen, um ein zielführendes Produkt auf die Beine zu stellen, erklärt Dipl. Ing. (FH) Dennis Blättermann, Geschäftsführer von brehmermechatronics.

Für uns ist es eine große Chance und für unser Team auch eine große Motivation, in einem solch innovativen Projekt mitarbeiten zu dürfen. Technisch birgt das Projekt einige Herausforderungen. Neben der reinen Funktion ist ein Ziel u. a., ein völlig neues Sensor / Aktor Prinzip zu entwickeln. Der vorgestellte Prototyp arbeitet auf der Aktor-Seite bereits mit Formgedächtnislegierungen. Der Einsatz dieser Technologien in einem Stuhl ist völlig neu, erläutert Moritz Schmidt, der Projektleiter dieses Projekts.

Die Politiker konnten sich von der Innovationskraft der involvierten Projektpartner überzeugen und verabschiedeten sich mit der Gewissheit, dass die aufgewendeten Forschungsgelder die richtige Investition in unsere Zukunft sind.

März 2017: Hoher Besuch bei brehmermechatronics in Wiehl:

New press article about our recently DAkkS-accredited laboratory

A new press article about our recently accredited laboratory is available at (only available in German)

New press article about our recently DAkkS-accredited laboratory

Successful first brehmermechatronics Tech-Day!

We are very pleased that so many of our business partners participated in our 1st Tech-Day. We would like to thank all visitors, employees and cooperators who made this a successful event. Details can be found in this press releases. 

>> Press release 1

>> Press release 2

(only available in German)

brehmermechatronics ranked 27th place in

"Wachstumschampion 2016" – in the December issue of "FOCUS-Spezial" brehmermechatronics ranked 27th place in category "Electronics".

Press Information from the Brehmer GmbH & Co. KG

brehmermechatronics at Sensor + Test 2015 in Nuremberg for the first time
The company from Wiehl, Germany, is presenting pioneering technologies

Wiehl. This year, brehmermechatronics will be at the Sensor + Test trade fair in Nuremberg for the first time from 19th to 21st May, 2015. In Hall 12, Stand 691, the company from Wiehl will present pioneering technologies, such as a new type of sensor for wireless drag chain measuring systems that was developed together with the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems in Cologne (lfk, Labor für Fertigungssysteme) and was supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In contrast to the RFID-based systems previously used, the newly developed sensor achieves a higher sampling rate, resolution, and accuracy.

Founded in 2003, brehmermechatronics specialises in customer-specific product development in the areas of mechatronics and electronics engineering, as well as environmental testing. For example, brehmermechatronics has already developed innovative products for heated motorcycle grips and new types of LED products. Carrying out “energy harvesting” studies is also part of the portfolio of products and services offered by brehmermechatronics. An in-house environmental test lab also allows brehmermechatronics to use a wide variety of different test methods.

With more than 20 employees, brehmermechatronics assists its customers from the product idea phase until it is ready to go into production. Since 2008, the company has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. For 2015, DAkkS accreditation of the test lab to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 is planned. This will allow brehmermechatronics to conduct tests according to ISO 16750-3 (2012) and 16750-4 (2010).

From idea to Product

New newspaper article about brehmermechatronics (only available in German)
Please click on the image to enlarge it.

Product of brehmermechatronics is part of the VW e-Golf

For generations, the VW Golf has shaped our understanding of the car, and it’s also one of the most popular models in the world. Since the VW group is actively involved in the mobility of tomorrow, the company has now implemented the pioneering technology of the electric drive in a purely electric vehicle – the e-Golf.

We’re pleased that the order from Volkswagen AG for the charging button we received in July is now ready for production, and will be installed in their electric cars. The charging button is a charge level indicator and contactor mounted on the outside the vehicle right next to the charging socket. After plugging in the charging cable, the driver then has to press the charging button to start the charging process. A sophisticated LED technology system indicates the level of the charge. Now nothing stands in the way of zero-emission driving.

 Product of brehmermechatronics is part of the VW e-Golf