When invariably your expectation is to find the ideal solution for your customers, you need to have a special drive. In our opinion, extensive know-how, a wealth of experience and staggering thoroughness alone are not enough to pave the most times ambitious way to achieving the ultimate. You have to put a lot more into it – body and soul, for example.

Forging ahead with new products and innovative developments in the field of mechatronics and electronics has always been a special challenge we’re eager to meet. So don’t just hope that we’ll give it everything we’ve got, take it for granted that we will. Or put another way: Plan whatever you want. We’ll realise it to perfection for you no matter what. With enthusiasm.


We are open to innovations and continually develop. This secures our steady growth that in turn enables us to establish ourselves in the market.

We see the establishing of long-term customer and supplier partnerships that are based on trust as being important. We supply solutions for your tasks and ideas and also support you with the defining of the required specifications and test criteria.


High quality and robust products are the key to our success. Short decision-making routes and a high degree of responsibility for our own actions form the basis on which we can achieve this aim.

Our working method is characterised by speed and an analytical approach. We keep our promises and always act in a target-oriented manner. We are driven by the ongoing improvement to all of our services in all fields!


We are a »diverse« company and stand for an open, trusting and respectful cooperation between all people, regardless of their sex, age, religion, education, nationality and professional status. After all, each of us contributes to the success of our company!

We give all of our employees the chance to find their strengths in addition to us promoting them individually and enabling them to assume responsibility for responsible tasks. We handle all resources in a sustainable manner and with a sense of responsibility. Mutual support and focused handling are a matter of course for us. Our employees are our greatest asset. Mutual trust is the most important requirement for our success.

Core Competencies

Individual product developments

Have you got a specific mechatronic or electronic problem? We’ll find you a tailored solution that also suits your budget.


We put our heart and soul in the development of innovative technologies.

Enviromental simulation

We oversee each product development intensively, from the initial idea to the start of production. In our own laboratory, we ensure that the technology always works reliably. Even under the harshest environmental conditions.


We know every single one of the gremlin’s hiding places. No matter where he hides, we’ll always find him.

Obsolete products

Countless machines and vehicles have a long lifetime, which sometimes makes finding replacement parts extremely difficult, or at least very expensive. We replace missing spare parts or develop cost-effective alternatives.